050 - One Year Anniversary Episode

As the Marketing Essentials Podcast celebrates our one year anniversary, we talk about our favorite moments, memorable guests, and some things we’ve learned since beginning our podcasting journey. As always, the discussion includes our favorite places to eat in Lil’ Rhody. Come hang with us as we reminisce, tell stories, and talk about some future ideas for the podcast!

Stuff we mentioned during the podcast:

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Justin: Hi and welcome to the Marketing Essentials Podcast. Our unique team helps small businesses grow by providing essential marketing expertise.

Bill: Hello and welcome to the Marketing Essentials Podcast. My name is Bill Parmentier of W Parmentier Photography.

Justin: I'm Justin of Justin Kerr Design.

Alicia: And I'm Alicia with The Spark Social.

Bill: And together we make up...

Everyone: The Marketing Essentials Team.

Bill: And I almost said we are W. Parmentier Photography.

Justin: Really?

Bill: Ya. I don’t know why. We've only done this, what 50 times? Something like that.

Justin: Ya.

Bill: 60 times. So, like.

Alicia: Maybe like 52.

Bill: Yes.

Alicia: As in, we’re one years old.

Bill: Ya, isn’t that awesome?

Justin: Ya on this date.

Bill: But let's be clear, because.

Justin: Ok.

Bill: March 21st.

Justin: We're recording this episode on March 19.

Bill: Sorry March 19. Excuse me.

Justin: And we began the podcast.

Bill: March 21st I was off.

Justin: March 21st of last year. So, today is our one-year anniversary. Happy Birthday to the podcast.

Bill: Yes, Happy Birthday. Who's gonna.

Alicia: Happy Birthday.

Bill: Sing it?

Alicia: No.

Justin: I don't think.

Bill: No?

Justin: We're not gonna sing.

Bill: Uh-oh  we’ve got Froyo ready to sing.

Justin: Froyo is getting ready to sing.

Bill: Ready Froyo?

Froyo: (Sings a version of Happy Birthday to the Podcast)


Justin. Ok. Alright.

Alicia: So our Podcast is 1 year old.

Bill: 1 year old. Can you believe that?

Alicia: Ya, it’s great.

Bill: So we were discussing a little bit before we got on the microphone, about the fact that, ah, one year we've been at this.

Justin: Right.

Bill: We did a lot of things we didn't expect a year out to have happened and.

Justin: I could not have predicted that we would end up.

Bill: Where we are.

Justin: Where we have, ya.

Bill: And we thought it would be a great idea to go through like a podcast and talk about the highlights of what's going on over the last year.

Justin: Right. So each of us decided that we would select our memorable moment from the last year. A memorable guest from the podcast and something that we learned over the last year. So who wants to go first?

Bill: Ok, well let's let's start,  we'll go around the table and do our memorable moment.

Justin: Alright.

Bill: Then we'll come back around and do the next.

Justin: Why don't you start with your memorable moment.

Bill: Oh man that would this was probably one of the toughest ones for me because there were a lot of really memorable moments. I think for me it's kind of a group of moments.

Justin: Ok.

Bill: Which was early on in a podcast when we decided a cool part of the podcast would be to introduce Alicia to some of the local stuff that we knew.

Justin: Oh ya.

Bill: Some of the local Rhode Island stuff.

Justin: Ya.

Bill: So we did Del's lemonade, I think one day. We did coffee milk. We did.

Justin: Yacht Club Soda.

Bill: Yacht Club Soda. So we did.

Justin: We did (inaudible).

Bill: We did (inaudible) waffles.

Justin: Ya.

Bill: So that to me that was, that was fun. The early days when we do in video and we were doing these little video clips of, I mean I think we went to Union Station at one point and tried some of the craft brews.

Justin: We had a flight of yeah their beer ya.

Bill: Ya to me that's probably one of the most memorable that that section. A moment I'd love to get back to that at some point. But that was a lot of fun. How about you Justin?

Justin: For me it was where it all started. So we had actually gotten together to do a webinar.

Bill: Mhm.

Justin: Prior to doing a podcast and this goes back to the end of 2017.

Bill: Yes.

Alicia: Whoa.That’s so long ago.

Justin: I know, right.

Bill: That does seem like so long ago. That all started with a conversation at an expo.

Alicia: Yes.

Justin: Ya.

Alicia: October of 2017.

Justin: A friend that we all have in common said oh you guys you know you know each other, you have these unique abilities, you should really do a webinar to educate people on marketing, you know. Cause Bill you can cover a photography and Justin you can cover branding and design and Alicia you can show your social media. And we thought okay yeah.

Bill: Let’s go with it.

Justin: That sounds like fun. So we'll do a webinar and boy we find out how much work that was.

Alicia: A lot.

Bill: Well yeah because we were, what did we spend almost a month and a half just putting together our talking notes.

Justin: Right.

Bill: and rehearsal.

Justin: Strategy meetings.

Alicia: We’re far less prepared these days.

Justin: And then. Ya, but I think we're far more interesting. Um.

Everyone: (Laughing).

Alicia: We just wing it. Every podcast we just show up with a microphone.

Justin: So and then the promo video. Oh my gosh. For the webinar you remember that?

Bill: Ya, ya, ya. That was a nightmare.

Justin: Two full days, for what, six minutes of video? Not even?

Alicia: Not even. I think we had to shorten it down to 60 seconds for Facebook.

Bill: Ya and I think I had to go through almost four hours with a video.

Justin: Which is ridiculous.

Bill: Just to edit.

Justin. Ridiculous. Just ridiculous. So anyway, my favorite moment was after we had finished the second pot second webinar.

Bill: Mhm.

Justin: And we're like, okay that was fun,  but we can't just keep doing the same webinar so.

Alicia: What now.

Bill: Right. What now.

Justin: What do we do now? And I think it was Bill that said well we could do a podcast. And before I can start to talk about all the reasons why that would be difficult, Alicia said yeah let's do it. And we had scheduled a meeting. And I was like, “Oh jeez.”

Bill: How’d I get myself into this one.

Justin: Ya.

Bill: And I think at the time we talked about just doing once every two weeks, doing a podcast.

Justin: Right.

Bill: And then as time moved on we're like, well we need to do this a little bit more often. And I think it was like April or May of last year we went full-on one, once a week with the podcast.

Justin: Right. Ya I mean we learned a lot.

Bill: Oh tons.

Justin: We learned that you know 45 minutes was too long for the podcast and you know that, every other week was not it was not frequent enough.

Bill: Ya, Ya.

Justin: And I mean a whole bunch of tech stuff too.

Bill: Oh my gosh you.

Justin: You know before we get into what we learned we're getting ahead

of ourselves.

Bill: Yes, yes, yes.

Justin: That was my most memorable moment was, just the origin point of the podcast and Alicia just basically taking off and saying okay keep up.

Bill: Anybody that's known Alicia more than oh,I don't know two minutes,  knows that if you bring something up to her and she thinks this is a good idea it's like okay let's do it.

Justin: Ya.

Everyone: (Laughing).

Alicia: Is that my reputation around here?

Justin: I'll tell you what.

Bill: We love you Alicia.

Justin: Listen I, looking at you we've known each other for 16 years.

Bill: Ya.

Justin: And I can tell you right now, if Alicia hadn't taken off and I would have we would have never done this.

Bill: No, no. I mean I brought it up kind of half-heartedly saying oh let's do a podcast not in having any clue what I was getting myself into.

Justin: Right.

Bill: Or getting us into all.

Justin: Right,so.

Bill: Then Alicia is like let's go with it.

Justin: Ya.

Alicia: I’m the most memorable moment.

Bill: Sorry Alicia, we’re not picking on you. I promise.

Alicia: Is right now. No I'm just kidding.

Everyone: (Laughing).

Alicia: My most memorable moment.

Justin: Cue the sappy music.

Bill: Deee de de deeee.

Justin: You had me at podcast.

Alicia: I’m ready for my Emmy, my Emmy speech.

Bill: You like me, you really like me.

Alicia: You're an inspiration. So I think the most memorable moment was again those field trips that we used to do.

Bill: Ya, ya.

Alicia: So I think only bill hot dogs, the weiners, is the wieners.

Bill: Unfortunately, I was I was back here at the time we were at Sprout. But I was in the conference room while you guys went and got it.

Justin: Right.

Bill: I missed, other than seen in the video, I missed  the initial reaction when they were putting the hot dog on the the.

Justin: Let me tell you the story about that. So we could go in and Alicia had never been into New York system before and we were this is down in Olneyville.

Bill: Ya.

Justin: And so we walk in and the guy behind the cart is like “So you've been here before?” and I'm like “Oh yeah” and he looks at Alicia and Alicia's like “No.” And he goes “Oh we got a weenie virgin”. I'm like.

Bill: Oh no.

Justin: Ok.

Bill: And Alicia’s probably like what have I gotten myself into.

Justin: And she's looking at the guy like whatever.

Alicia: I’ll have a hot dog please.

Justin: Ya.

Alicia: I didn't even know how to order.

Justin: So after we placed her order, Alicia's watching the guy prep the weiners right. And he puts the, the buns on his arm.

Alicia: How did we order them Justin?

Justin: Umm.

Bill: All the way right?

Justin: Two all the way.

Alicia: All the way, right. Ya.

Justin: Right. And so she's watching the guy put the buns on his forearm and putting the weenies in and she's like, “Umm, should I be concerned about you know ?”

Alicia: Health.

Justin: Health.

Alicia: Sanitary reasons.

Justin: I'm like trust me you should be more worried about what's in it.

Bill: Ya, exactly.

Justin: Than anything that might be.

Bill: I think that's the reason why the health department of it comes into those places it's like.

Justin: No, but it was like.

Bill: What's in the Wiener is probably worse than what's on his arm.

Justin: It's one of my favorite places and I believe you, your take on it was that you enjoyed him.

Alicia: Oh ya.

Justin: That  it was actually pretty good.

Alicia: They were awesome. They were so good. So we have some video footage, so we’ll put together a little.

Bill: I'll see if I can find that it's yeah.

Justin: Oh yeah we had we had videoed ourselves like driving in the car too New York System.

Bill: Ya, ya, ya.

Justin: And inside. And oh ya it was a whole thing.

Bill: Ya, I still have some of that early video. I think I also have a little, I have someone you had your first Awful Awful too.

Alicia: That was my second favorite. And then Yacht Club was my third.

Bill: Yacht Club Soda we did a video of that. That was part of the actual podcast we did like what.

Justin: Right. Did we do, oh and then we went to Union Station.

Alicia: We never made it to the clam shack.

Justin & Bill: No.

Bill: Well we had originally thought talked about going to the Rocky Point Chowder House.

Justin: Ya, we just never made it.

Bill: Well from what I've heard it's kind of changed but it's in the middle of a parking lot now it's not even.

Justin: Oh, right.

Alicia: There's always Iggy's.

Justin: Oh, Iggy’s is great.

Bill: I wouldn't I going to Blount to. Write it down.

Justin: Actually that, you know what, that's a really good place too.

Bill: Ya. Anyways. I'm sorry we're getting way off track here but.

Alicia: So now we are all about the podcast and we just do the podcast and we don't go on any fun-filled field trips anymore.

Bill: You know or I think, sorry,  I think when we decided to go to audio only format it kind of put the kibosh on.

Justin: Ya, well I tell you what, if one of our beloved food places out there whether it's Blount or Iggy's wants to sponsor a podcast episode.

Bill: We’ll do a video.

Justin: We’d  be happy to come and do a podcast episode on location.

Alicia: Oh that’s awesome. You know what I haven’t.

Bill: I'll even set it up as a video podcast.

Justin: Ok.

Bill: We’ll do it as a full video.

Alicia: This is on my list I have not had I've been living here in Rhode Island for six years. Also went to college here for four years or however long I was in college for.

Bill: Four. Five.

Justin: College, the best six years of my life.

Alicia: Oh way too long no matter what. And then, um, I've never had the pizza on Federal Hill - Casserta’s Pizza.

Bill: Casserta’s Pizza.

Justin: Oh, Casserta’s Pizza.

Bill: My youth, my favorite used to be it's not even Bob and Timmy's anymore what is it.

Justin: It’s Timmy's now.

Bill: Ya.

Alicia: I like that place too but that's this totally different style of pizza.

Bill: It is.

Justin: It is, It is. Casserta’s is is very unique.

Alicia: It’s the thick crust correct?

Justin: Ya, it's thick.

Alicia: Ya.

Justin: It's very simple.

Bill: See what happens? We talk about food we just get way.

Justin: I know we get way off track.

Bill: All right so I'm gonna come.

Justin: Or should we do an on location episode from Haven Brothers.

Bill: Ya the problem we'd have.

Alicia: Ya, I haven’t had that either. I haven’t had that either.

Bill: (inaudible)

Justin: Right, right.

Alicia: Alright. So.

Bill: Anyways.

Alicia: We will put a call out to some of these restaurants.

Bill: I know. I would definitely be interested. I can definitely, if they can get us a wireless connection somehow I will get us a video set up.

Justin: Ok.

Alicia: I love it.

Bill: We’ll do a live feed, that'd be fun.

Justin: All right, so we've gone through memorable moments. Now back to you Bill. Memorable guest.

Bill: Oh that's, this is so tough because we've had so many really cool guests.

Justin: Oh absolutely.

Bill: Over the last year. And I mean I can pick the easy ones because you know we've had some photographers and people that are along with my line.

Justin: Right.

Bill: But I'm going to pick one of our more recent ones. I would say John McNiff. He was a blast to have him in the conference room with us doing the podcast. And I learned so much about what he does.

Justin: Ya know for somebody who, maybe this is their first episode they've ever listened to, you got to explain it.

Bill: Ok, John was or is I should say a historical reenactor. He does from the Golden Age of piracy, but he also does Roger Williams and.

Justin: William Blackstone.

Bill: And William Blackstone.

Justin: Right.

Bill: And he told us, he came and talked to us on one of our podcasts about the power of storytelling.

Justin: Mhm.

Bill: And anybody that's known John for more than a few minutes knows that he's such a great storyteller to begin with.

Justin: And it was such a big personality.

Bill: He's get such a great personality and you know for somebody like me who's constantly having to watch the tech end of things, I'm watching the the audio, I'm watching everything. I found myself a lot of times during that podcast, I don't know I could get back on the what's the way, no offense to William because William does a great job as far as.

Alicia: Our intern here.

Bill: Ya, he does a great job, but sometimes I you know I I still like to keep my hand in things.

Justin: Ya.

Bill: But I found myself during the John McNiff interview really forgetting about the fact that we do in a podcast. I got lost in what was going on.

Alicia: Cause  he's very good at storytelling.

Bill: Yes.

Justin: Ya, absolutely. He has some great stories.

Bill: He does.

Justin: About how he got into.

Bill: Ya

Justin: Reenacting way back in the 70s.

Bill: Oh I have no doubt we could have spent days with him, talking.

Justin: Yes, we could have.

Bill: We could have done like eight podcasts.

Justin: Um, as a matter of fact he just got back from his second tour in England taking.

Bill: I saw that on Facebook.

Justin: a group of students from Roger Williams University over there and giving the whole tour of Roger Williams.

Bill: Ya.

Justin: And, and where he lived and worked so I saw the stuff on Facebook and.

Bill: Yes I saw some of that stuff too its credible stuff that I was doing.

Justin: For me it wasn't a single guest but it was the panel that we did.

Bill: Oh the one at Christmastime.

Justin: Yes, this, right that episode came out I think was just after Christmas and we did an episode on cause marketing and we had a panel of three really neat individuals.

Bill: Mhm.

Justin: We had Steve Hipolito.

Bill: Mhm.

Justin: From Silver City Limousine.

Bill: Limousine. And we had Kara Daniello from Four Echoes.

Justin: Four Echoes out in there in Seekonk and then Adam Rizzo.

Bill: From 1-800 Water Damage.

Justin: Right down in Cranston and brought each one of them on to talk about how they were doing cause marketing through their individual organization or business. So Steve of course, you, know had a wonderful story about how he had been helping the girl the young girl with her treatments at the Children's Hospital.

Bill: Up in Boston right?

Justin: Ya. Giving her free limo rides back and forth, she and her mother. And how that story just went completely viral. So we also had Kara Daniello Four Echoes out in Seekonk on 114 there, next to the Grist Mill.

Bill: Ya next to the Old Grist Mill, it used to be Vinny's Antiques.

Justin: That's right, that's right. And the story of how the church that she's part of, that she that she works for actually started, took over Vinny's antiques and turned it into Four Echoes.

Bill: Mhm.

Justin: And it still functions the same way as this antique and secondhand place but how they turned that into sort of an arm of their outreach into the community and so a great story about that. You know they went into thinking they would do one thing and then it became another thing.

Bill: Totally different and they're still doing really well today.

Justin: Oh ya. I mean my wife was just out there the other day she went in looking for like an antique suitcase.

Bill: Ya I think I saw her post on Facebook.

Alicia: I really need to go there.

Justin: And she found what she thought was really cool she found was an old display case from like a traveling salesman.

Bill: Really? Interesting.

Justin: It's this deep suitcase it opens up and has these little arms that come out.

Bill: Mhm.

Justin: And you can hang things inside. So she got it for her when she does the knitting shows and craft shows. So she can she can pack everything in the case and then open it up and display everything. It’s really cool.

Bill: I actually actually scored a cool Technique, an antique Technique light meter there.

Justin: Oh ya.

Bill: Unfortunately doesn't work, but it was still kind of it was just a cool piece and they got some really cool stuff there.

Justin: Oh yeah no they do.

Bill: Anyway. Sorry.

Justin: So we had Kara Daniello and the third one was Adam Rizzo from 1-800 Water Damage and he had some great, several stories actually about cause marketing and helping out some people with environmental cleanup. Especially the female veteran who'd come back from Afghanistan with.

Bill: PTSD.

Justin: PTSD and had some issues with her children. And Adam wasn't able to was able to go in and clean up because she had developed a.

Bill: A hoarding disorder.

Justin: A hoarding disorder, right. And cleaned up the place and she was able to get her kids back and that was just a tremendous story.

Bill: I'm always a big fan of people that work with the military because there's a lot of military in my family.

Alicia: Ya.

Justin: Ya.

Bill: So anytime I hear somebody helping out with the military I’m like yes.

Justin: Well yes there's a lot of military in my family now, it wasn't the case a few years ago but you know daughter, daughter in the Navy, son-in-law in the army and all of a sudden I'm like all military now.

Bill: All military all the time.

Alicia: It's so important the Cause marketing, I don't think you got a chance to really explain it. It's so important to give back as a business.

Bill: Absolutely.

Alicia: And we often don't think about those things as part of our marketing or branding.

Bill: Mhm.

Alicia: But and I'm trying to find an article I'll plug the link in the show notes but it's about how the new way of marketing is being related to your community, giving back and having a cause.

Bill: And of course we'll also post all the podcasts that were referencing.

Alicia: Yes.

Bill: In the show notes.

Justin: Oh yeah. This is gonna be some long show notes.

Alicia: That’s ok. Go back and listen. Take some time to the podcasts because you will gain something out of them.

Justin: Ya, so that was I think my most memorable guests would be that panel.

Bill: How about you Alicia? What was your most memorable guest?

Alicia: So, my most memorable is going to be John Lapointe.

Bill: Oh John, ya he's a great guy.

Alicia: From Lapointe Insurance and they're located in nearby I think out of Attleboro, Mass and obviously he's in Rhode Island too.

Bill: Ya but he moved into my neck of the woods not too long ago.

Alicia: Ya.

Justin: What in Cumberland?

Bill: Ya he lives in Cumberland now.

Justin: Oh.

Alicia: Oh ya that's right. So he recently got named I think 40 under 40 years.

Bill: Which is a big thing that's that's nothing to sneeze at.

Alicia: And um.

Justin: Now that you're gonna have to explain anybody doesn't know what 40 under 40 is.

Alicia: So ya, so for like the local magazines I believe it was through the Fall River, ah I think it was through the Fall River.

Bill: I forget who was through but I remember seeing IDs he's one of the top 40.

Justin: Top 40.

Bill: In his in business at the age of 40.

Alicia: Ya, so in so congrats to John if he's listening. But also you know so he's younger, he's coming into his family's insurance business and there's a lot of industries out there that are kind of, on the traditional side of marketing and insurance companies are definitely one of them. So John comes into his family's business right, and I urge you to listen to the podcast, and he really switched things up for them.

BIll: He did, he did.

Alicia: He helped them with really simple things like cleaning their Google business page for instance. And then to more complex things like building their video presence online and getting more reviews and reputation, their SEO making sure that they were being found. And he, I can't remember the exact stats, but within the year of him implementing these digital marketing trends for digital marketing techniques rather for his company, he I think he saw like.

Justin: It was a 30% growth.

Alicia: Was it? Ok.

Bill: Well, here’s a fascinating story because up until then they did done primarily print marketing.

Alicia: Ya, very very traditional and maybe were afraid or didn't know where to get started and so bringing John on I think that it really was like a testament to what our whole podcast aims to do.

Bill: Sure.

Alicia: And it's to show people how they can bring digital marketing elements into their business and grow their business. And you don't need to be a marketing rocket scientist to get it done.

Bill: Mhm.

Alicia: So John kind of learned along the way obviously you know he's younger and maybe he had like a social media upper hand and that.

Bill: I think would be a good thing if we put the link for his videos that he's doing for his business.

Alicia: Mhm.

Bill: In the show notes also. And also like Justin said it's gonna be a long show notes but.

Justin: Ya, that’s alright.

Bill: It's really cool for people that want to learn what a business can do with video and with a small budget.

Alicia: Ya.

Bill: He doesn't have a huge budget he's using.

Justin: Well I'm basically that I think they took their budget which was in TV and in what was the other?

Alicia: Probably Newspaper.

Bill: Newspaper. Direct Mail too.

Justin: I think translated it into digital and achieved.

Bill: Exploded.

Justin: 30% growth within a year. I mean.

Bill: That’s huge.

Justin: Ask any business if they'd like to grow 30% a year.

Bill: Exactly.

Justin: No one's gonna say no.

Alicia: And he also demonstrates a great use of video marketing because insurances, let's face it, like it’s one of those industries that is less visual.

Bill: Sure.

Alicia: And maybe even a little boring at times.

Bill: Well I mean cause quite frankly if you come to me and said hey how do I make that? That woulda been a  struggle.

Alicia: But he found his brand voice.

Bill: Ya.

Alicia: He found a way.

Justin: Right.

Alicia: So we'll give you that showcase of videos our link to his Facebook page.

Bill: Ya.

Alicia: And he keeps his brand voice really strong throughout, like they're very consistent well brand is.

Justin: Definitely. And I think they've become known as, you know one of the leading experts in what they do.

Bill: Sure.

Justin: Because you use you can tell somebody, hey I sell insurance. Well, so what. But I think what John does is really good as sort of keying off on these different life events that everybody has.

Alicia: Ya.

Justin: And getting them to think about insurance when they normally wouldn't have it top of mind.

Alicia: Mhm.

Justin: So, he's been very, he's pretty savvy. He's been really good with the social media for Lapointe.

Alicia: Ya so it was a great podcast. He has a lot of tips and stuff that you can learn.

Justin: And the nice thing I've gotten to know John a little bit more since he was on our podcast and I've gone to a couple, he started doing some networking events now, geared towards real estate agents. And given the fact that I do some photography in real estate I got a chance to meet some people in it. He's really, he's hitting it out of the park on a lot of different avenues, so.

Alicia: Mhm.

Bill: Definitely, definitely one of the more memorable guests we've had.

Alicia: Mhm.

Bill: Ok, so now we get to the next part.

Justin: Something that we have learned over the last year. So you're up.

Bill: Where do I start is the better question?

Alicia: Basically when I was like let's do a podcast, Bill had to learn how to do a podcast.

Bill: Basically I have learned everything tech related that existed.

Alicia: Well, you already knew it. You just had to apply it.

Bill: Ya, we'll go with that.

Alicia: Ya, ya.

Bill: You have no idea how many times I was winging it, but anyway,  that’s another story. Ya I think reality is that's the truth is the biggest learning thing from me out of this whole podcasting is learning how to actually put on a podcast.

Alicia: Properly.

Bill: The Tech stuff behind it.

Alicia: Because there’s ways to do it that are really easy but it's not necessarily properly and professional.

Bill: Well I mean, ya even stuff as simple as them purchasing the right microphone. We get some crappy microphones up front they were horrible.

Alicia: Yup.

Bill: So we had to go back and rebuy them, you know.

Alicia: Ya.

Bill: And there were just certain things about it and I think, still to this day, a year later there is still something at every podcast session we do. Now for those of you who don't know, we typically will do four to five sometimes six podcasts in one day and then I'll go back and edit them after the fact. And to this day there's still points where some will come across some sort of issue and I've got to learn how to get around that because it's something that we haven't come up with yet. Or come across yet.

Alicia: Mhm.

Bill: So for me the big learning thing now, maybe that's kind of a side thing, but

to me that's probably been the biggest learning curve for me is just how to put one on. But that's not to say that I haven't learned something from every one of our guests.

Alicia: Ya, well I think, you know Bill that you've done a great job and our podcast always sound, I, I love them. Like the quality of the sound and the audio files always comes out great. I mean, there's things that you can’t control, like background noise will happen and.

Bill: Yeah I mean.

Alicia: People drop pens, like I just did.

Bill: The reality is we're doing this on still of relatively low budget. We don't have a studio. We are using a conference room plug for rooms and works they're a great place.

Justin: Yup.

Alicia: Mhm.

Bill: They you know they offer us the use of the conference room every time we do a podcast session. But it's not, it's not the ideal place be given that it's not set up for recording. It doesn't have soundproof walls and you know. The big joke with us is, when we do a podcast day, usually around lunchtime a little bit after that, the mailman comes through and outside of the conference room that we're in you can hear the banging of the.

Justin: Ya because we share a wall with the mailboxes.

Bill: And they’re metal mailboxes.And they close them.

Justin: And it’s like Bam, Bam, Bam.

Bill: So we have to know that we have to stop.

Alicia: Right.

Justin: Right.

Bill: And go back and right afterwards. I didn’t want to get you far on that. But anyway, that's uh and I've learned a lot of stuff about things that I knew nothing about marketing related. Uh you know, different pieces of software. One of the big game changes for me was figuring out just the Facebook ad manager. I'd never even seen that before and when Alicia started talking about I'm like oh I guess I gotta learn that at some point.

Justin: Right.

Bill: Say Justin, how about you? What what was the biggest learning thing for you?

Justin? I always, one of the reasons I like to, in the podcast is I always learn something new when we have guests on.

Bill: Mhm.

Justin: You know because they talked to us about their expertise, they talked to us about their journey into what they do and I always find that fascinating. I always feel like I've gotten an education.

Bill: Sure.

Justin: You know when we've had somebody on. But I think for me personally, the thing that I learned is that one, this is a ton of fun. I just I really enjoy doing the podcast. And as you guys know, but maybe not everybody knows, three years ago I decided to start my own business, right. And having worked for other people for 24 some odd years and I was a little bit concerned about launching out on my own.

Bill: Sure.

Justin: And I think the podcast has helped provide confidence in the business end of things because as we network and as we're out there, people have started to realize that we do this podcast and they start to recognize oh you know.

Bill: Ya, ya.

Justin: You know I can't wait for the next episode to come out.

Bill: Which is kind of kind of weird sometimes, you know?

Justin: Right.

Bill: It's like not in a bad way, it's just I never, when I started my business I never thought to myself a podcast you know. I'm gonna get known because I'm recognized for being, talking on a like weekly podcast.

Justin: Right. But it has been, it has been a real boon.

Bill: Ya.

Justin: To me, marketing wise. And you know, it's kind of showing me that you know an old dog can learn new tricks.

Bill: If somebody told you a year ago that you would be here right now doing this what would you have told them?

Justin: I wouldn't have believed it. I mean this was not something that I could have imagined, you know. We finished the webinars and I thought oh well that was fun but.

Bill: Ya. Now what.

Justin: Ya now I got to go back to focusing on, you know my business but I mean this is this has become.

Bill: Sure.

Justin: Part of my business.

Bill: I genuinely look forward to a podcast day every month, you know.

Alicia: Mhm.

Bill: Or just about every month.

Justin: Right.

Bill: That's.

Justin: Right. So that's that's what I've learned.

Bill: What about you Alicia?

Alicia: Ya, so um, I've learned a lot. I learned from every single one of you guys because I don't know anything about photography and videography and branding and and you know graphic design. And the things that go into all these different trades and services from behind the scenes and on that note you know it's really you've heard the phrase it takes a village to raise a kid or something.

Bill: Ya.

Alicia: I think that’s the phrase.

Bill: Ya.

Alicia: Well it takes like a team to produce a podcast.

Bill: That’s for sure.

Alicia: That i've learned.

Justin: Ya.

Alicia: And so we chose the name, it's kind of funny if you think about it , we chose the team the marketing essential, we chose the name sorry marketing essentials team before we went into the podcast.

Bill: Yes, yes.

Alicia: So we chose the marketing essentials team being that we came from three different areas, three different backgrounds and now that we're doing the podcast like, it really takes a team.

Bill: Oh ya.

Alicia: To produce and carry out the podcast. And so you know Bill has our tech stuff going strong. Justin works on link the website, the branding side of things. Then you know it gets tossed over to me to do the email in the social media. And without, obviously without the podcast tech part ,we'd be really at a loss.

Justin: We’s just be in a room sitting here talking to ourselves.

Alicia: But um, you know if you're looking to do a podcast in your solo that's fine and just you know be prepared to maybe look for some assistance.

Bill: It's a lot of work.

Alicia: Ya.Or just.

Justin: Ya.

Alicia: You know but put in all the extra, the extras and you know you produce the file but then you gotta have a visual.

Bill: Ya.

Alicia: If you're gonna be posting on social media.

Bill: And you still have to edit them. You know these podcasts that we do, don't come out completely perfect then, right when we're done.

Alicia: What? Are you kidding me? I thought we were perfect.

Bill: I'm peeling.

Justin: One take.

Bill: Im pulling the curtain back slowly.

Alicia: Have we've gotten better Bill?

Bill: Absolutely.

Alicia: Alright.

Bill: Absolutely.

Justin: We have.

Bill: We really have I mean.

Justin: I think I've reduced my “ums” s to at least fifty percent of what I used to.

Bill: Ya, ya. I would say I'll give you that. I'm not gonna get, I'm not gonna get into who has the most “ums” but that's it's not it's not either three of us I'll tell you that much.

Justin: Ah, oh really?

Bill: It's a guest we've had on a few times. I’ll just leave it at that.

Justin: Oh, ok. All right.

Alicia: Ok.

Bill: We shall remain nameless. But anyway, but yeah it's a lot of fun but it's a lot of work.

Alicia: Ya.

Bill: If you, I think when it comes to podcasting, especially in the way we're doing it, it's a little unusual because you don't see too many podcasts that have two, three people on a regular basis, four if you have a guest. And if there's a lot of work that goes on behind it and people don't realize it.

Justin: Right.

Bill: It's oh they just sit down and talk for a half an hour yeah.

Justin: And we, honestly we kind of fell into a lot of  this.

Bill: But you gotta love it. If you don't love it, it's you're not gonna last.

Justin: No, you have to.

Alicia: Oh that’s a good point. Ya.

Justin: I think we were fortunate is that all of us really enjoyed doing it.

Bill: Ya.

Justin: We've got a good chemistry.

Bill: Exactly.

Justin: Together. And one of the things that I've heard people tell me about the podcast is, yes it's educational, yes it's informational it's really helped them you know get a leg up on some of this stuff; but they just enjoy the conversational and the informal tone that we have when we do this.

Bill: Ya.

Justin: You know, it's it's not boring.

Bill: Well, hopefully.

Justin: You know.

Bill: I mean I'm sure it's like anything else, you know. I'm sure we've had a few podcasts that people didn't strike as well with people, but that's okay.

Alicia: We cover a broad range.

Bill: Ya.

Alicia: Of topics so I'm thinking that different podcast coral or resonate rather.

Bill: Sure.

Alicia: With different audiences.

Bill: Sure.

Justin: Ya, ya.

Bill: So I'm gonna throw a curveball to you guys.

Justin: Oh boy.

Bill: Because I like about this one.

Alicia: Good thing we're not live on air.

Bill: We can cut this part out if you guys don't like the question but I'm gonna ask one more question. And we’ll start with you Justin.

Justin: If I was gonna be a tree.

Bill: What would you be.

Justin: What kind of  tree would I be.

Bill: Ok, what kind of animals. No,  what is your hope for the next year?

Justin: Oh wow.

Bill: On the Podcast.

Justin: That is a bit of a curveball I hadn't.

Bill: We didn’t talk about this ahead of time.

Alicia: Oh man Bill.

Bill:I can't now, I kind of saved this one sorry I apologize. You can kill me later.

Alicia: You want me to start Justin, buy you some time?

Justin: Ya.

Bill: If you could, go for it.

Justin: Yes, save me Alicia.

Alicia: Alright, so my first wish is that we get a sponsor and we're, I'm gonna go after some of these food people that we mentioned. I mean you guys are getting a ton of free press.

Bill: I know.

Alicia: Because we’re always talking about all your food. And we’re eating it and buying it. So we would love to have a sponsor. You don't have to be a food company, we will take sponsors from any Rhode Island business or nearby nearby Mass. And then the second thing that I hope we see is, oh I lost my,  so a sponsor and then also we launched, so talking about having a team behind you to produce a podcast, we launched a podcast, yeah I'm really going strong on this one.

Justin: Go, Alicia, go.

Alicia: So we have our podcast production package recently launched and it's really from you know a basic level to get you on the ground hit the ground running to a full on hiring us as you're in you know we're external but essentially you're getting an internal podcast marketing team.

Bill: Mhm.

Alicia: So I, I hope we can really help some businesses with that.

Bill: And that's not, we still offer also the possibility of doing webinars too.

Alicia: Mhm.

Bill: If somebody just wants to do a one-and-done kind of thing. Well ya I like that. How about you Justin, you ready to go back to you or do you  want me to do mine?

Justin: No, no I'm ready.

Bill: Ok.

Justin: So something that I'm hoping for over the next year, would be great as much as I love our venue here rooms and works obviously I'm a big fan because I have a co-working space here.

Bill: Sure, sure.

Justin: But they've been very generous to us with the space and everything but it would be really great and maybe I'm stealing your thunder because this is a tech thing.

Bill: I know where you're going with this.

Justin: It would be so great to have a studio where we could.

Bill: Oh,  dedicate a studio.

Justin: A dedicated studio where we could just walk in, sit down, turn on the equipment and go.

Bill: Hey well, well you know for free use of a small area we can have a permanent sponsor.

Justin: That’d be nice but it would, you know I think it would take some of the some of the stress off you.

Bill: Ya.

Justin: Because it is every, you know every month it's set up, break down.

Bill: Ya.

Alicia: There's a lot of things to remember like sometimes I can't even remember to bring my laptop charger. Bill brings about, I don't know, like 20 different things of cords.

Justin: Bill’s a Radio Shack on wheels.

Alicia: Ya, he’s mobile Radio Shack.

Bill: Now, I will tell you a little secret account as my wife a little crazy. This is just my OCD kicks in. Every night before a podcast, so last night, all my equipment is all taken out.

Justin: Ya.

Bill: And spread out over my kitchen table so that I make sure I've got everything where it needs to be, because I have some boxes that I swap back and forth depending on whether I'm doing photography, videography podcasts. So it all has to be reset up when I'm going to do something different from what I did last time.

Alicia: Mhm.

Bill: So my entire kitchen table gets set up with the soundboard the microphones because I don't want to I've had one of the.

Justin: I think what Bill’s saying is we need to come over to his house the night before and do the podcast there because he's already got it set.

Bill: I’ve already got it set up.

Alicia: Your poor family. They’re probably like trying to use the kitchen table on here like no dinner

Tonight. Must  organize my podcast materials.

Bill: You don’t get to eat the night before podcast. You didn't know that?

Justin: TV trays in the living room kids, dad's taken over the dining room too.

Bill: Actually yesterday I started a little bit early so.

Alicia: We’ll put we posted pictures and we'll post more of like the setup that we have and you know you forget a cord or something, you know we run out of batteries at times.

Bill: Ya, I mean hopefully we don't miss much but yeah I mean if we've had times where we've had to borrow like a laptop charger or something like that but.

Alicia: We were low on batteries one day we're gonna run out to the dollar store.

Bill: Yes, I think so because I forgot to bring the double-a batteries which I always have with me.

Alicia: But for the most part we survived, but it is a lot, so.

Bill: Sure.

Alicia: I really appreciate that Bill.

Bill: Well, thank you. It think it takes us about a half an hour to set up and then another half an hour to teardown, that's part of the fun. Justin's taking pictures with his phone right now.

Justin: I'm trying to be active on social media.

Bill: Well you be active boy. You be you boo.

Justin: I was told that I need to be getting into this stuff.

Bill: How could that be, your social media manager?

Justin: Ya,  maybe.

Bill: Ok, so.

Justin: I won’t name any names but their name rhymes with the spark.

Bill: Rhymes? It's the same thing.

Alicia: Are you working with our arch enemy the snark?

Justin: Maybe, maybe.

Alicia: Oh those guys are the worst.

Bill: Anyway, I guess it’s my turn. Um wishes going forward, ya I Justin truth be told, you  did steal a little bit of my thunder, but.

Justin: Sorry.

Bill: No, no. It's okay, it's ok because  the other part of that is actually something a little bit different. I'd like to go back and do a couple of more, a couple more on location like we talked about a little while ago. Maybe video podcasts on location at a vendor of some sort. Whether it be a food place or networking event or an expo.

Alicia: So basically I'm hearing you want to challenge yourself because when you may

start to move to these places with background noise and other one elements.

Bill: Oh yes. I realize I'm asking to challenge myself.

Alicia: Cause you're kind of a perfectionist Bill. I don't know if you noticed.

Bill: Ahh, no I wouldn't.

Justin: I was just so glad she said that because, it wasn't me but it's true.

Bill: Justin.

Alicia: Well I mean.

Bill: Goodnight Folks.

Alicia: It's a good thing, it's a good thing.

Bill: Bill’s got to go now.

Alicia: Because our podcast files come out awesome.

Bill: Well, thank you. But yeah, yeah, I realized what I'm saying as far as wanting to do something like that it's really gonna stretch me but I think that's part of the fun with what we're doing.

Alicia: Learning.

Bill: Is learning. We're stretching ourselves as much as we're we're we're challenging people that are listening to our podcast to do new things.

Alicia: Mhm.

Bill: We're doing the same thing ourselves.

Alicia: We learned how to start a Facebook group.

Bill: Ya.

Alicia: And keep it pretty active.

Bill: Ya.

Alicia: It's not huge, but it's active.

Bill: And really and we just recently pulled off a challenge you know a seven week challenge.

Justin: A Facebook live challenge. Right, right.

Bill: So these are all things that I don't think any of us was comfortable saying hey we're just gonna go do this right now.

Alicia: Mhm.

Bill: But we've started to do it and I think for me that's that's one of the things I love about what we're doing.


Bill: This is always someplace that can stretch a little bit more and learn something.

Justin: Right.

Bill: And do something new.

Justin: And it really isn't just us. I mean now the Little Rody Facebook group is a great community.

Bill: Mhm.

Alicia: Yes.

Justin: You know of small business owners and marketers.

Bill: Ya.

Justin: And you know creative people. And it's been great to see that grow.

Bill: Ya.

Justin: I mean as of this recording I think we're at like 170.

Bill: Ya, ya.

Justin: And it's you know a lot of really good interactivity and people just learning stuff and.

Bill: Mhm.

Justin: Connecting with one another so it's it's been nice being part of that larger community and not just, it's not just the three of us.

Bill: Oh no, absolutely not.

Alicia: It's definitely not the three of us and.

Bill: We couldn't do that to ourselves.

Alicia: That's a good point we should thank our listeners.

Bill: Well, ya, I mean thank our listeners yes.

Justin: Each and every one of them.

Bill: Yes. No I mean we.

Alicia: Thanks Mom.

Bill: Well, not only that and I think we really miss it we talked about our favorite guests, but let's be honest, the podcast is a lot more exciting when we have extra guests. When we have guests come on.

Justin: Right.

Bill: I mean don't get me wrong we have some pretty good information that just the three of us together like now. But it's so much fun to have guests come on and talk about what they know and they've made us who we are.

Alicia: Mhm.

Bill: Let's be honest.

Justin: Oh yeah, no.

Bill: The guest are absolutely. So thank you to you to all of you who have taken time to come on our podcast.

Justin: And thank you for the people that said to us early on you should really have guests on.

I'm glad we listened.

Bill: Yes and so yeah I would say in the end, thank you to everybody that's made this possible. And our hope our sincere hope is that we can do this another year, or two ,or whatever it happened well however long this goes on, is that we can continue giving good content to people.

Alicia: Agreed.

Justin: I agree, I agree.Ok so thanks so much for a great year.

Bill: Yes.

Justin: Happy Birthday to the Marketing Essentials Podcast and as we always say each episode I think that will.

Justin & Bill: wrap it up.

Bill: See you next time.

Justin: Bye

Bill: Thank you for joining us today. And as always you can find the back episodes of our podcast on Apple podcasts and you can also find us on our YouTube channel, both of them are “The Marketing Essentials Team”.

Justin: You can find us on the web at marketing essentials team dot com and if you subscribe through our website, you'll receive a weekly email, letting you know when each episode has been published. Also. you will receive a link to subscriber only content.

Alicia: You can also find us on Facebook and our private Facebook group just search a “Lil’ Rhody Marketing Support Group”. It's a great place for other marketing professionals and business owners, where we can share marketing advice, challenges and general trends. Hope to see you there.