Social Media Strategy on a Shoestring Budget


One of the most effective ways to market your business is online, specifically through social media. But you can easily drown in a sea of information, data, tools, and resources. What’s a small business owner to do?

In today’s episode our guest, Suzanne McDonald, throws us a lifeline and shares stories and resources that will help you focus on the aspects of social media marketing that are most relevant to your business.

“The real social media experts are not cold-calling you with promises of making you #1 on Google.”

Stuff we mentioned during the podcast:

Angles & Insights (Suzanne’s company)
Newport Interactive Marketing
Ticknado (Suzanne’s award-winning video)
Cost-saving tools: Google Analytics, SpyFu, Unbounce, MailChimp


Ready to launch your own podcast?  We can help!

Ready to launch your own podcast? We can help!